Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nomemade Cookbook

 Hello All!  This is Lynn, Kim's sister.  Kim has graciously decided to allow me to post on her blog with her.  We are so excited to announce that we are doing a cookbook together!  

Kim and I have been talking about this idea together for years but it never seemed like it was really something we could actually do or we had no idea how to go about doing it.  Then one day the stars aligned and we were blessed to have an amazingly talented person come into our lives.  Just a few short months ago a woman named Ali Eisenach moved into my neighborhood and we became fast friends.  It turns out that Ali writes, publishes, and sells her own cookbooks and is successful at it.  One day Ali approached me about helping her with the graphic design of her next cookbook (Graphic Design is one of my hobby's- I made the cover of our Nomemade book).  I was more than thrilled to swap "favors" with her.  I told her I'd help her with her book if she'd be willing to take the pictures for the Nomemade book and show me the ropes of self publishing.  Luckily for us, she agreed!  You can learn more about Ali and her cookbooks HERE.

The cookbook will be in full color all throughout with amazing pictures of the food and simple recipes to follow.  Most of the recipes focus on the foods that come from Nome, Alaska: Alaskan King Crab, Salmon, Moose, Muskox, Fireweed, Tundra Berries, etc.  However, we also included some of our family favorites from growing up and since our mother is from Vietnam, you can guess that a lot of those foods will be Asian inspired.  

Again, I can't tell you how excited I am about this project!  It really is a dream come true for us.  The book will be ready for purchase sometime in September.  We just have a few more recipes to do for the book and then we're sending it off to the printers.  Can't wait!  Thank you for supporting us and if you haven't done so yet, please "Like" our Facebook Page.