Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hi my name is Kim, and I'm a swagbucks addict.

Search & Win
Confessions of a swagaholic...

As with any addict it's never my fault... it all started with my sister, Lynn, who sent me a link.  At first I resisted temptation, but she kept pressuring me.  I have succombed to peer pressure.  I couldn't stop at just one search, I wanted more so I starting doing the surveys, the daily polls, special offers, searched videos, searched for codes, became a Facebook swagbucks page fan.  There I met with other swagaholics and learned their lingo like the other swaggernauts.  I was consumed with the four dailies, the midnight madness, doubles, triples, etc. I tempted friends and strangers who also became addicts.  I've neglected my family in this process by not cleaning the house, letting the laundry pile up, ignoring my children, serving them quick meals such as pizza all for the sake of waiting for TSG (the swag guy) to post a hint to a code.   AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I've loss hours and hours of sleep... My dreams are about swagbucks.  I refuse to go into recovery... instead click on the link above and join me in my obsession.

P.S. you'll get free stuff if you do ;-)

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